Portable Induction Cooktop (Black) Individual Pieces Cookware

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Now you can cook on the go with the help of this Portable Induction Cooktop! ; Induction technology only heats the pan and the food in it for economical cooking. There's no safer portable cooking appliance for the countertop because the cooking surface is cool to the touch and there are no open flames. The self-adjusting burners detect the size of the cookware base so no energy is wasted. Simple to use soft-touch control panel with an LED display. Six power levels: 1 - Lowest: For keeping food warm 2 - Low: For a gentle simmer or to reheat 3 - Medium Low: Brings water to near boiling 4 - Medium: Boil or cook 5 - Medium High: Boil or cook at a higher heat 6 - High: Sauté or quick boil ; Features a 180-minute digital timer. Shuts off automatically if no cookware is detected. The nonstick glass surface is easily wiped clean of spills and messes. Model number: 670041470. 1800 Watts. Dimensions: 2.75 H x 11.75 W x 15 D. Weight: 6 lbs.