FHI Heat Platform Iron Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron, 7/10 inch

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Size 1.0ea
7|10" Plates with Nano| FuzeionTM Technology (Nano Ti + Nano TiO2 + Nano Ag) Features and Benefits Tourmaline Treated Plates: Produces up to 20 times more negative ions than the nearest competitors. Negative ions allow more water to be absorbed into the hair, thus enhancing the condition of the hair. Advanced PTFC Heater: Advanced heater which generates maximum far infrared heat. Has ultra rapid heat up time and superior heat recovery. Automatic Sense Control System: Allows for superior heat recovery rates Ceramic Plates (3 Baked Layers): Maximum far infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft and straightens the hair from the inside. This is a less damaging type of heat compared to infrared heat. Seals in natural moisture and eliminates frizz. Widest Operating Temperature Range from 140°F to 450°F: Allows the user to adjust temperature according to hair type (thin, thick, coarse, highlighted, damaged, etc.) Nano| FuzeionTM Technology is FHI's advanced combination of three distinct nano technologies (Nano Ti + Nano TiO2 + Nano Ag) which result in unmatched styling and health benefits for your hair. The moisturizing elements of Titanium work together with the cleansing and purifying characteristics of Titanium Oxide and Silver to leave your hair healthier, shinier, and more vibrant. Damp to Dry Versatility: Can be used on damp hair (towel dried) no need for a blow dryer. This maximizes conditioning of the hair and saves time. Self Adjusting Plate System: Floating plates optimize styling efficiency. Beveled Ceramic Plates: Allows the iron to be a true styling iron that can flip, twist, straighten and curl. Protects Color and Retard Fading: Seals in color molecules and allows color to last up to 2 weeks longer. 9 Foot Swivel Cord: Prevents tangling of the cord. Made in Korea © FHI Heat, Inc.
  • Maximum far infrared heat
  • Widest temperature range
  • Provides damp to dry capability