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Professional Digital Curling Iron 1 inch

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1" Inch Barrel Size with Nano | Fuzeion™ Technology Nano Ti + Nano TiO2 + Nano Ag | Ceramic + Tourmaline The EC2500 Digital Professional Digital Curling Iron is the ultimate tool to aid the creation of all modern hairstyles. The Ceramic Plates heat in a matter of seconds, retain a constant temperature (100°C to 210°C) and are designed to be comfortable in use. Soft touch temperature control switch with Digital Temperature Display gives ultimate control. What is Nano Fuzeion™ Technology? Nano Fuzeion™ Technology is FHI's advanced combination of three distinct nano technologies (Nano Ti + Nano TiO2 + Nano Ag) which result in unmatched styling and health benefits for your hair. Nano Titanium enhances the ionic effect, allowing the hair to absorb more moisture for superior condition and shine. Nano Titanium Oxide helps remove chemical pollutants and toxins which build up in your hair from normal exposure to the elements. Finally Nano Silver removes harmful or damaging bacteria from the hair. The moisturizing elements of Titanium work together with the cleansing and purifying characteristics of Titanium Oxide and Silver to leave your hair healthier, shinier, and more vibrant. Experience the benefits of Nano Fuzeion™ Technology for yourself. Intelligent Computerized Heat Setting with fingertip temperature control and intelligent LCD display. Power Temperature Control. Swivel Cord, Professional 3M cord with 9 foot length and 360° swivel. Ceramic technology creates a shinier, smoother finish. Uses Infrared heat to protect hair's luster and moisture. Soft touch temperature control from 100°C (212°F) -210°C(410°F). Recessed "hold" button prevents accidental temperature change. Made in Korea Using the On-Off/Hold Button: To turn power on or off hold the red button down. To use the temperature "hold" feature quickly press the red button once when iron reaches the desired temperature. Quickly press the red button again to release the temperature hold. © FHI Heat, Inc.