Gandia Blasco
Mangas Rectangular Wool Rug

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Size 4'9" x 9'10" 5'7" x 7'11"
Gandia Blasco Details Gandia Blasco - Mangas Rectangular Wool Rug. The Mangas Rectangular Wool Rug from Gandia Blasco is a modern rug made from 100% new wool. The backsieing is cotton. Wool rugs are durable and extremely comfortable, but best of all, wool is a renewable resource. It is green and recyclable and biodegradable. Wool rugs are naturally dirt resistant and flame retardant, and last longer than synthetic fibers while maintaining their appearance and wearing much more gracefully than a synthetic fiber rug, too. Wool has the natural ability of making a room warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer, in addition to offering a soft feel under your feet that simply cannot be matched by any synthetic fiber currently on the market. The Mangas Rectangular Wool Rug is available in two different siees 49 by 910 or 57 by 711 and was designed by Patricia Urquiola. Eco-Friendly: Made from 100% new wool, a renewable source Specs Who: Designed by Patricia Urquiola and manufactured by Gandia Blasco . Materials: Made of Wool, cotton backsizing. Specs: (inches) 57 x 118 67 x 95 Weight: Features: UL Listed Lamp Type: -- -