GlassLock Kinetic Square Glass Food Storage Set 3pc w/ Locking Lids

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Kinetic Go Green GlassLock is truely unique and innovative. The tempered glass is stain resistant, durable and safe. It is airtight/watertight thanks to silicone seals on the lids that keep foods safely locked inside. GlassLock is microwave safe, non-toxic and non-reactive, ensuring nothing transfers into your food while reheating. You can take it from the freezer to the microwave with no concerns. GlassLock is fully FDA approved.
Product Measures: 8.7" wide x 8.7" long x 3.5" tall/deep
• Locking lid with silicone seal is air and water tight keeping your food fresh.
• Freezer and refrigerator safe
• Microwave safe

Material: Glass, Plastic and Silicone
Care Instructions: Top Rack Dishwasher-Safe
Dimensions: 8.74″ x 8.74″ x 3.5″.