H20 Plus
Face Oasis Cleansing Water 6.7 oz (198 ml)

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Size 198 ml
This water-light cleanser gently washes away impurities while replenishing vital moisture with provitamin B, moisturizing marine botanicals and Sea Mineral Complex. An ultra-foaming, oil-free liquid infused with hydrating marine algae to break down and float away make-up and dulling impurities while softening skin. This technologically advanced formula water activates to break down make-up and impurities while maintaining skin's natural moisture balance. Leaves skin feeling quenched and revitalized with no residue left behind. Gentle foaming liquid breaks down makeup and dulling debris without irritation Multivitamins A, C and E help skin resist daily damage from environmental stress Hydrating marine botanicals supply nutrient-rich, oil-free moisture