Hermetic Faceted Storage Jars, Set of 4

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Size set of 4
Preserve staples in Italian-designed hermetic storage jars -- airtight seals maintain freshness. Hermetic storage jars with locking clamp and silicone gasket create an airtight seal for food preservation. Italian-designed handmade glass adds new dimension to preservation of grains, pasta and staples. Stainless-steel lids nonreactive to acidic or dairy ingredients extend the storage capability to sauces, fruits or jams. Preserve homemade salsa, salad dressings or dips in the refrigerator. Faceted glass jars are unique kitchen accents for preserving gourmet coffees, teas or unrefined sugars. Appealing display of your culinary preference in pasta, grains or rice. Perfect presentation gift jars filled with home-baked cookies, confections or specialties. Thick glass construction for longevity