Miracle On The Hudson DVD

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In the Miracle on the Hudson DVD, viewers hear the fascinating survival stories from the passengers of Flight 1549. With both engines lost, the pilots of Flight 1549 are able to safely land the plane with zero fatalities. The Flight 1549 DVD Miracle on the Hudson explains how new technologies were created from the discoveries of eight horrible crashes that now help save future passengers.

Inside story of Flight 1549

The Miracle On The Hudson DVD answers the question, how does a plane lose both engines over a city and crash land without a single death? New footage and exclusive interviews with crew, survivors and rescuers tell the amazing story of survival.

Crashes That Changed Flying

Inside the Flight 1549 DVD Miracle On The Hudson viewers learn how from the ashes of eight horrific air crashes came discoveries that may one day save your life - technologies to help your next flight avoid microbursts, a ripped fuselage, exploding fuel tanks, accidental collisions and tire blowouts.

Buy the Miracle on the Hudson DVD, and get the inside story of the miraculous landing of Flight 1549.