14"x14 Double Pendant Lamp

Flork in Cornflower Luna in Black & White Plinko in Cornflower & Chocolate Pyrus in Cornflower Luffa in Steel & Kiwi Whisper in Dark Cornflower Caribou in Natural Stencil in Ocean Gujarat in Black Gujarat in Lime & Natural Gujarat in Amber & Chocolate Mum in Scarlet & Mustard Plinko in Persimmon & Steel Whisper in Sage & Chocolate Flora in Chocolate Luffa in Cornflower & Natural Hive in Grass Mum in Moss & Natural Timber in Chocolate & Natural Luffa in Sunset Gujarat in Scarlet Hive in ButterScotch Mum in Plum & Cornflower Stencil in Light Sage Flora in Kiwi Luna in Kiwi & Persimmon Gujarat in Chocolate Flock in Natural Taft in Scarlet & Mineral Pyrus in Ivory & Rust Grande Timber in Charcoal & Steel Taft in Chocolate & Persimmon
Proudly handmade in the USA from 100% certified recycled farbric and keeping with Inhabit's trademarked style; color, pattern, bold graphics, and texture define the line.