Skin Tone Evener BB Cream SPF 15

$12.89–20.49 $20.49
Clay Medium Clay Medium Deep Earth Deep Earth Medium Sand Medium
Size 1.0 oz.
With IMAN skin tone evener complex Evens, Nourishes & Hydrates With IMAN Skin Tone Evener Complex Paraben Free Skin tone evening Beauty Balm with SPF 15 combines skin care and a sheer hint of color that compliments the natural tones of Women with Skin of Color. IMAN Skin Tone Evener Complex, Acai, Licorice, Grape Seed, Kokum, Almond, Aloe and Vitamins A,E & C. Made in China Use fingertips to apply a small amount of product to cleansed face.
  • Skin care with a sheer hint of color Evens, nourishes & hydrates