Scooba Floor Washing Robot

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Check mopping off your to-do list, because this little robot is happy to gently scrub your floors clean, getting under cabinets and around carpets while avoiding steps and drops. Powered by the iRobot® AWARE™ Robot Intelligence System, robot uses a 4 stage process to leave your floors shining. It preps by picking up loose crumbs, sand and dirt. It washes, putting down fresh cleaning solution. It then gently scrubs the floor, removing dirt, grime and spills. And finally, it dries while picking up the dirty solution. And it's so easy to operate. Simply fill tank, press 'clean' and then empty tank when robot is finished. For use with hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors. Includes a battery, power supply, measuring cup, and an 8-ounce cleaning solution. Model #5800.