NEW! Raycop Anti-bacterial Hand Vacuum

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Revolutionary hand-held vacuum attacks tiny dust mites on the spot. Uses UV rays, vibrations and air filter system to kill, clean and disinfect. Relieves symptoms which can aggravate asthma, allergies and dermatitis.
  • UV germicidal lamp kills 99.9% of bacteria and eliminates household dust mites
  • Built-in Vibration Pad and Micro Allergy Filtration System clears and cleans dust mites and dust mite waste
  • Works on mattresses, bedding, cribs, futons, sofas, chairs, pillow and curtains
  • Ideal for asthma or allergy sufferers
  • Promotes a healthier lifestyle
Measures 14Wx6"H. Automatic shut-off feature. Includes removable, re-usable air filter. Plugs into standard electrical outlets.