Infuse 5-pc. Stir Fry Set

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The wok is the primary cooking pan of Asian kitchens—the equivalent of the West’s one-pot cooking vessel. Its long, sloping sides provide an extended cooking surface, allowing you to mix, stir and cook food rapidly without spilling. To maximize performance on gas and electric stovetops, this wok comes with a flat bottom.
  • use the durable 11" steel wok to stir-fry, pan fry, deep fry, braise, steam, smoke and cook sauces, noodles and more
  • nonstick steel conducts heat uniformly for fast, even cooking that retains nutrients and release food smoothly
  • large wood handles keep hands safely away from heat
  • carbon steel dome lid with large bamboo knob provides efficiency and safety
  • bamboo slotted spatula slides under food for easy stir-frying and food tossing
  • bamboo solid spatula easily turns and removes food
  • long bamboo chopsticks double as cook’s helpers 5-piece set includes:
  • 11" wok
  • cover
  • 13" chopsticks
  • 12" slotted turner
  • 12" solid turner Carbon steel with bamboo tools. Hand wash. Imported.