KM9008 Cup On Request 12 Cup Coffee Maker

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Krups KM9008 Cup On Request 12 Cup Coffee Maker
The Krups Precise Warming Technology is a dual heating system with positive temperature coeffienct which ensures unvaried coffee temperature resulting in constant taste from the moment coffee is brewed and up to 4 hours. The Krups KM9000 Cup-On-Request has programmability for weekend and weekday settings, large & small cup sizes and has an immediate flow stop. The countdown timer lets you know how long its been since you coffee was brewed and the aroma setting allows for more intense flavor extraction.12 cup capacity, the Krups KM9000 Cup-On-Request has a removable stainless steel water tank and a front facing water window with a coffee indicator. It dispenses a straight, smooth flow of coffee avoiding splashed or drips while the beverage is being dispensed. The 3 position adjustable drip tray accommodates for all sizes of cups and travel mugs.
Dimensions: 14.01″ x 9.92″ x 14.56″.