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Cellular Power Infusion

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Cellular Power Infusion is a uniquely empowering treatment to be used intermittently along with your regular skincare regimen. Start using it today and never look your age again. In order to make the greatest difference in the way your skin is aging right now, the scientists at La Prairie suggest adding this powerful energy booster to your present skincare regimen, regardless of how simple or sophisticated it is. The Benefits:
  • Revitalized, glowing skin returns, as skin's inherent power is renewed.
  • Aging signs seem to diminish as skin cells benefit from enhanced protection against external stress factors.
  • Youthful, firmed, resiliency meets your touch as skin tissue is restored. The look and feel of younger skin is yours again.
The Application: Use AM/PM. After cleansing, smooth onto face, avoiding eye area. Follow with serum and moisturizer. Upon activating bottle, use consistently for 7 to 10 days. For maximum benefits, Cellular Power Infusion should be used for 28 to 40 days (4 bottles) to coincide with the skin's natural renewal cycle. Cellular Power Infusion is meant to be used intermittently, one month out of 3, along with a regular skincare regime. Activation: Hold bottle upright, and turn silver base to the right. Shake well. Unscrew the cap, squeeze the dropper, and release liquid into palm. Repeat and release another full dropper for one complete application.