2009 Crystal Aphrodite

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Blessed by the gods of Greece, Aphrodite was their goddess of beauty. She is said to have sprung from the amours of Zeus and Dione or of Uranus and Thalassa, the sea. The etymology of her name is "foam-born". Paris chose her and awarded her the apple, and while the beautiful Helen was his prize, she was also the beginning of the Trojan War! Aphrodite, woman of passionand many tumultuous love affairs is called Venus by the Romans.

The goddess of love—both in its carnal, but also in its chaste and spiritual form—Aphrodite is most often represented naked and surrounded by water. The goddess with the long hair (a river of gold), the sublime body and milk white skin is magnified in the Crystal Limited Edition.

Offering herself in a posture of abandon, full of latent eroticism, she is at once nymph and goddess in frosted crystal. Her lascivious pose envelops a bottle in the shape of a sea-stone,tactile. A bed of roses is transformed into waving hair. Aphrodite's stunning body pours out in sensuous curves, a heroine of unchallenged beauty revealed by the prowess of the artisans who have toiled to perfect their polishing techniques to accentuate the sensuality of the curves.

Lalique de Lalique Parfum Extract, 1.0 ounce