L'Artisan Parfumeur
Cote dAmour Eau de Toilette - 250 ml

This 100% certifie organic fragrance is the ultimate in natural luxury. Pamper yourself an inulge in nature! A trip along the Loire Atlantique coast was the inspiration of Cte Amour, an Eau e Toilette to elight the senses: a soft caress of sea air an san, of scents of golen yellow gorse, heather an broom, a sensual mixture of soft resin an floatwoo Reminiscent of builing sancastles, shell collecting along the beach an riing your bike against the win. It remins us of the memories of chilhoo an Holiays alongsie lazy, relaxing afternoons. Its salty note, that wonerful marine oor at the heart of this eau e toilette, gives the fragrance all its personality. The components are spellbining with a bracing top note mae of green manarin, pink grapefruit an rosemary. A heart note with wil accents of the everlasting une flower, bucolic notes of cypress tame by gorse flowers with their smooth mellow fragrance of coconut an softene with rose. A base note of genet an honey flavore heather give all their sensuality to the wooe an resinous notes of maritime pine. The creation of a salty eau e toilette was quite a challenge for Cline Ellena, but she succeee in blening these natural materials into what has become a classic perfume with the fragrant trail of a wonerfully fresh eau e toilette, which evelops on the skin into a very surprising an astonishingly natural fragrance. Cte Amour blens the purest of raw materials, the most sensual an the most elicate of fragrances, into a 100% organic eau e toilette. It carries the Cosmbio label, certifie by Ecocert an comes with an organic skin care line, also with the Cosmbio label, certifie by Ecocert.