Black BuggyBoard Maxi™ Standing Platform Stroller Attachment

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The BuggyBoard Maxi fits easily to most umbrella type strollers with upright tubing giving your toddler a safe and secure place to ride along for the stress free outings in crowds, high traffic areas or when you're just in a hurry. Board remains in a fixed position in relation to the stroller, allowing you to pass over bumps and curbs without affecting the balance of the stroller. Heavy duty, independent suspension provides additional comfort for the child, a waffled, anti-slip surface offers your toddler a safe, anti-slip foothold, and side reflectors make the board more visible at night. The "sunken" surface offers extra protection, preventing children from slipping off the side. No tools are necessary for attaching the board. The Easy-Fit system allows you to attach, level, adjust or remove your BuggyBoard in just seconds. Since the board attaches to the frame of the stroller, it fits a lot more strollers, from umbrella on up. Ages 2 to 5 years, not to exceed 44 pounds.