Latitude Enfant
Pepe the Pilot - Activity Strapper

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Latitude Enfant Pepe the Pilot - Activity Strapper Keep kids amused with the Latitude Enfant Pepe the Pilot-Activity Strapper. With a bunny sitting on a plane, fun takes flight. It's specially designed to be compact so that children can easily carry it anywhere. A pilot controls the yellow and red striped plane. With a soft squeeze, the air plane's take off sound is sure to delight a child. Attach the pilot and plane with velcro for easy fastening and unfastening. Why You'll Love It: This colorful plane is easy to hold and interesting to watch as it takes flight. Age: 6 months and up Features
  • Can be attached to a stroller or crib
  • Comes with 3 sensory activities
  • Vibrant yellow color with red stripes
  • Made in France