Laura Mercier
Signature Brush Collection

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Everything about the exclusive Laura Mercier Signature Brush Collection is the ultimate in luxury—from the rare Wenge wooden handles to the professional quality hair bristles to the opulent carrying case. This signature collection is a must-have brush collection for every Makeup Artist—and makeup lover. Laura's signature taste and classic style is evident when you open the rich brown leather-inspired box to reveal a large mirror and retractable velvet lined inner easel-back piece. This creatively designed carrier unfolds to hold all the brushes, and can stand upright directly on your vanity for easy use and access. When finished, the entire piece folds perfectly back into the box This magnificent collection features ten of Laura's essential brushes that ensure the most flawless application and includes different brushes for eyes, cheeks, face, and lips. Sure to be a coveted Collector's Edition, these must-have brushes are the perfect gift this holiday season. The signature brush collection includes ten professional-grade wenge wood brushes and case.
  • Chic Vanity Case with Removable Easel-Back Tray
  • Finishing Brush
  • Cheek Colour Brush
  • Camouflage Powder Brush
  • Secret Camouflage Brush
  • Pony Tail Brush
  • Eye Colour Brush
  • Crème Eye Colour Brush
  • Smoky Eye Liner Brush
  • Flat Eye Liner Brush
  • Lip Colour Brush