Laura Mercier
Under Eye Perfecter

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Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfecter is a unique cream designed to help conceal, awaken, and provide complete coverage for even the most intense dark eye area. Taken from Laura's personal technique of mixing a touch of pigment into concealer for problem areas, she has created two highly pigmented shades that work with a range of skin tones. Apply after Foundation and before Secret Concealer to the under eye area. Using the Secret Camouflage Brush, lightly pick up a tiny amount of Under Eye Perfecter. Using feather-light strokes, gently apply to the dark area under the eye. Apply sheerly and layer for more coverage where necessary. Using your ring fingertip, gently tap the product seamlessly into the skin. Apply Secret Concealer over the area where you applied Under Eye Perfecter and set with Secret Brightening Powder with the Camouflage Powder Brush.