Le Creuset
Cast-Iron Oval Doufeu

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This cast-iron oven takes its name from the combination of the French doux and feu to describe its "gentle fire." Pronounced doo-FUH, the cookware is designed to provide the constant self-basting that yields a juicy roast thoroughly infused with flavor.
  • 9 1/2-qt. cap.
  • Cast iron coated with durable porcelain enamel distributes heat slowly and evenly.
  • Easy-clean nonreactive interior does not require seasoning.
  • Tight-fitting lid has a recess for ice cubes; warm vapor from simmering food meets the cool lid, promoting condensation, and nibs on the lid's underside direct the water droplets to the center of the pot, continually basting the food below.
  • Without ice, it works equally well as a Dutch oven for everyday roasting, simmering and serving.
  • Matching integral handles on the pan and lid assist lifting the heavy filled pan.
  • Made in France.