Le Creuset
Signature Rosemary 10-Piece Set

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Le Creuset's 10-piece cast iron set includes a range of cookware essentials perfect for setting up a new kitchen or adding versatility to an existing collection. Each piece offers the reliable cooking of enameled cast iron and, with a range of vivid colors to match any décor, doubles as an attractive serving dish. Le Creuset cookware is sand-cast, painstakingly polished and finished by hand, then sprayed with two coats of enamel before being fired twice, resulting in beautiful cookware that conducts and retains heat with unparalleled efficiency. Created just for Sur La Table, this set includes the pots and pans that every kitchen needs and nothing it doesn't. Set includes 51⁄2-quart French oven with lid, 9" skillet, 31⁄2-quart braiser with lid, 31⁄2-quart oval French oven with lid, square grill pan and 13⁄4-quart saucepan with lid. Manufacturer: Le Creuset Includes: 51⁄2-qt. French oven w/lid, 9" skillet, 31⁄2-qt. braiser w/lid, 31⁄2-qt. oval French oven w/lid, 101⁄4" x 10 1⁄4" square grill, 13⁄4-qt. saucepan w/lid Material: Enameled cast iron Care: Dishwasher safe Use: Oven safe to 500°F Warranty: Lifetime warranty FEATURES Colorful, long-lasting enamel resists chipping and scratching; light-colored interior enamel makes it easy to monitor cooking foods Incredibly strong and durable enameled cast iron heats evenly and efficiently Skillet's durable black enamel finish requires no seasoning and is perfect for high-temperature cooking and searing Large handles provide a secure grip, even when wearing oven mitts Suitable for all heat sources—induction, electric, gas and halogen cooktops and oven cooking Timeless Le Creuset beauty for oven-to-table presentation