Le Creuset
Revolution Basting Brush

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Stock your kitchen with world-renowned Le Creuset kitchenware to get the most out of your favorite recipes for years to come. You'll love this silicone basting brush - it's Revolutionary. Wood handle washes easily by hand ; Part of Le Creuset's Revolution line, this basting brush was designed with chefs and culinary experts in mind. Silicone head designed with short, conical bristles that hold liquids securely until basted upon a surface. Silicone is stain-resistant, non-abrasive and resistant to odor and flavor absorption. Soft silicone strike zone protects cookware edges and bowl rims. Wooden handle with an elliptical design and grip rings make the basting brush easy to control, even with wet, oily or sticky hands. Premium-quality silicone head is heat resistant up to 482° F. Silicone head is machine washable; wooden handle is hand wash only.