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Plik Leather Necklace Nefertiti

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Stunning Nefertiti style necklace is like a bright pride surrounding your neck. The round shape adds a faint exotic breeze to your silhouette and gives to your outlook exquisite extravagance. This piece of art is manually complete and knitted with smoked chain, which gives it more character and mysterious hue. Fine way of buttoning give you the freedom to change the length that suits you best. Handcrafted in EU out of the finest Italian leather 100% genuine leather and leather lining Metal chain Colored edges Stamped PLIK logo Closes with adjustable pins In order to enjoy your PLIK accessories longer, preserve them in a dry environment away from light. Strong liquids and chemicals, such as perfumes, nail polishes and other alcohol-based products, may leave permanent stains on the leather. In case of stains, clean the accessory gently with a damp soft cloth or leather cleaner. Finish with leather conditioner.