Leonor Greyl
Complexe Energisant 12 Vials Treatment

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Easy to use leave-in hair loss treatment vials provide an effective action against fighting the maximum number of factors responsible for hair loss. Rich in amino acids and botanical extracts that stimulate hair re-growth and tissue regeneration without weighing down the hair.
  • Rich in amino acids derived from collagen
  • Botanical extracts with regenerating properties
  • Natural multi-active ingredients and trace elements
  • Protect against hair loss
  • Keeps hair light and can be used as often as desired to energize and fortify hair
  • Directions For an intensive treatment apply every day to the roots by lightly massaging into the scalp in order to stimulate the scalp. Allow the scalp to dry naturally. It is recommended to use three vials a week for three consecutive months in cases of significant hair loss, before gradually reducing frequency of use.