501® Original Fit Jeans

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Rinse Black1 Green Point Black Heavy Oberek Long Day Rain Forest Celtic Repairs Spring Light Bernstean Tedesco Above the Pine Nero Tailor Dark Charcoal Light mist Sheltered Light Medium Stonewash Harrison Heavy Muzuku Morning Roast Indigo Denim Felton Covert Khaki Shark Fin Clean Rigid Electric Shock
Size 28x32 28x30 29x32 29x30 29x34 30x32 30x29 30x30 30x34 31x34 31x32 31x30 31x36 32x32 32x36 32x29 32x30 32x34 33x36 33x32 33x29 33x30 33x34 34x36 34x32 34x34 34x30 35x30 35x32 35x34 36x34 36x36 36x30 36x29 36x32 38x30 38x36 38x34 38x32 40x30 40x32 40x29 40x34 42x30 42x32 44x30 44x32
Since we invented it in 1873, the 501® Jean has been a blank canvas for self-expression. True to the original, it features the time-tested straight fit and our signature button fly with branded Levi's® shanks. This pair comes in a dark stonewash. Stonewashing is accomplished by washing denim with pumice stones to achieve a lived-in look and feel. This step occurs during the finishing process.