505® Regular Fit Jeans (Big & Tall)

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Black Medium Stonewash Dark Stonewash
Size 32x38 34x38 36x38 38x36 38x38 40x38 40x36 42x38 42x34 42x36 44x30 44x34 44x36 46x30 46x32 46x34 48x30 48x32 48x34 50x32 50x30 50x34 52x30 52x34 52x32 54x30 54x32 56x30 56x32 58x30
Always look for the Water[LessTM logo to identify products in the Water[LessTM Collection. Our Water[LessTM collection includes the classic styles you love — made with a lot less water. The original zip fly. First created in 1967, the 505TM Regular Fit Jeans are one of our most popular straight fits, and work for all body types.