Our Exquisite Corpse Large Beaded Skulls

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Our Exquisite Corpse Huichol Black Skull made exclusively for LN-CC.
  • Our Exquisite Corpse worked with the Huichol people of Mexico to create these beaded skulls.
  • Each beautifully patterned and brightly coloured skull features intricate craftsmanship and are uniquely different from one another.
  • The Huichol people believe in the power of the Sun God, ancestor spirits and the four principle deities - Deer, Corn, Peyote and the Eagle.
  • They live in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Western Mexico and have a long history of creating beaded art.
  • These unique beaded skulls are not only part of a limited collection, but remain a treasured piece of Huichol culture.
  • Please remember to support the jaw.
This Huichol skull is cast from resin and hand beaded on a layer of wax, so should be kept away from heat and the sun.