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Spool15 Pendant Lamp

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Lumino Design Details Lumino Design - Spool15 Pendant Lamp. The spool P15 fixture is a stem suspended luminaire designed for ambient illumination. The main characteristic of the fixture is its unique shade structure; the texture and depth of the surface diffracts and diffuses the light source. The experience of the object is very dynamic as it depends on eyelevel and movement of the observer. Specs Who: Designed and manufactured by Lumino Design . Materials: A brushed stainless steel structure carries an acrylic tube which is combined with a polycarbonate prismatic layer. The shade structure is made of an environmentally friendly product as polycarbonate, reduces the use of fossil fuel, is non-polluting and 100% recyclable. The ends of the tube are covered by brushed stainless steel top and base. The light source is incandescent rope light. Specs: (inches) 15 dia x 12h Stem is adjustable from 30 - 42 Weight: Features: UL Listed Lamp Type: -- -