Mai Couture
Foundation Powder Papier

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Fair Glow
Let your complexion match your flawless personality. Paraben-free and talc-free, Mai Couture Foundation Powder Papier is a skin-friendly, hygienic way to give your complexion a naturally flawless finish. With three sheer colors to choose from, each sheet is dosed with illuminating powder to instantly even out skin imperfections and give the complexion a softened, youthful appearance. Use it as your so-simple-to-apply daily foundation powder, or as a quick and hygienic touch-up whenever you're on the go. Welcome to complexion perfection. How to use: Tear a sheet from booklet one sheet will be enough for the entire face then press and sweep sheet over face. To achieve a flawless and even application, once applied, use the sheet to buff and smooth out powder. Discard sheet after use. Paraben free. Talc free. Each booklet contains 50 sheets.