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MAGIC Card Musical Fun

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The MAGIC Card Musical Funwill bring yourMAGIC rangeto life. It can also be used with ourGalaxy MobileandStargaze Playmat Theseinteractive baby toyswill introduce your little one tomusical awareness,imaginative playand helpdiscover color. With four entertainment settings and unique content, theMAGIC Cardincludes over 150 themed songs, rhymes, children’s voices and sound bursts. TheMAGIC Card Musical Fun pack includes 1 x MAGIC card, 1 x Mr Windy, 1 x Miss Keys and 1 x Mrs Strings hanging toys, Only works withMAGIC Astro bouncerandGlobe Rocker
  • Find MAGIC technology inside each themed MAGIC Card, opening up a whole world of entertainment for baby and parent
  • Hours of fun for baby, which means extra time for parent
  • Compatible with any product in the Mamas & Papas MAGIC range
  • Develop your baby's key learning skills
  • Unique content and children voices
  • Four magical entertainment settings:
Learn Mini Explorers sounds Meet Mini Explorers friends Story time with Mini Explorers Hear the Mini Explorers jukebox
  • The Magic Card - Jingly Jungle pack includes: 1 x Magic card, 1 x Timmy tiger, 1 x Elsie elephant and 1 x Marvin monkey hanging toys
  • Encourages early development skills such as sight, touch, sound, speech and exercise
  • Discover color, imaginative play and musical awareness