Black and White Plate.

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Envisioned as a series of narratives, Maija Louekari's 2009 Siirtolapuutarha ("allotment") tells a story of growth in a tableau of mix and match tableware. Depicted through graphic line drawings, Siirtolapuutarha blooms larger than life, transporting nature's beauty to the heart of an urban metropolis. The series captures the artist's fascination with the flower and vegetable beds allotted to city dwellers in Finland. Spare and striking, this rendition reveals the unexpected beauty discovered in the cross section of a mushroom. Concentric circles are scored in varying concentration to mimic the ethereal walls within, leading to a bold double-ringed center.
  • Pattern designed by Maija Louekari; 2009
  • Vitreous porcelain
  • Dishwasher-, microwave- and oven-safe
  • Made in Thailand