Games Fruit Ninja Apptivity Game

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Apptivity Fruit Ninja Single Pack Game: Play your favorite fun and addictive digital game in a whole new way with Apptivity Fruit Ninja, featuring for the first time ever two-player mode! The single pack includes a Sensei figure, the famous Fruit Ninja master and instructions on downloading the free HD version of Fruit Ninja iPad app. Once downloaded, place the Sensei Apptivity figure on the multi-player mode at the starting screen of the original HD app. Upon detection, challenge your friends in this new two player head-to-head version of Fruit Ninja. The player holding Sensei throws fruit to the opponent from the fruit conveyer belt while the second player attempts to slice the fruit. Players take turns in each role, and the player with the most points in the end wins. App automatically updates if you have the Fruit Ninja HD iPad app.
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