M'heritage 150, 5-Piece Copper Cookware Set in Wooden Crate

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Brilliantly polished copper cookware set delivers 10 times the heat conductivity of stainless-steel alone.
  • 1.9 qt. sauce pan with lid
  • 3.2-qt. saute pan with lid
  • 10.2" round frying pan
Every home chef needs a high-performance cookware set that serves up exquisite appetizers and full-course meals in no time. The Mauviel M'heritage M'150s 5-piece Copper Cookware Set features unsurpassed bonding of 90% copper and 10% stainless-steel that will not split or separate. The all-round Mauviel cookware set conducts heat twice as fast as aluminum cookware and 10 times faster than stainless-steel. PFOA- and PTFE-free and a generous 1.5 mm thick, the copper cookware set offers a polished copper exterior and stainless-steel interior for rapid, uniform heating. Crafted in France by world-renowned Mauviel, the copper cookware set also cools quickly so foods don't overheat and you maintain smooth control of cook times. The nonreactive 1810 stainless-steel interiors and snug-fit copper lids help preserve food flavor and nutrients. The Mauviel sauce pan's straight sides and edges accent the modern yet functional style for reducing sauces, simmering beef brisket, steaming vegetables and reheating rice pilaf. Ideal for quickly caramelizing onions, deglazing garlic and reducing stock, the saute pan also browns, sears and braises all your favorite meats and vegetables. Besides traditional egg and pancake recipes, the fry pan serves up pan-fried asparagus and chicken to skillet dinners and fried ice cream. Clear-coated stainless-steel handles and sturdy stainless-steel rivets support the durable Mauviel cookware design for years of effortless cooking. The copper cookware set is suited for oven and broiler and cooktops including gas, electric, ceramic, glass and halogen. In 1830 Ernest Mauviel founded his Mauviel manufacturing company in Villedieu-les-Poeles, France's "city of copper." Mauviel is a 7th-generation family-owned business and its superior cookware is still manufactured in France and preferred by distinguished chefs, culinary professionals and home cooks throughout the world. Originally specializing in copper products, today Mauviel 1830 also produces stainless-steel and aluminum cookware with the company's same legendary design and performance. With Mauviel's more than 180 years of expert craftsmanship, you can trust the lasting quality of the M'heritage copper cookware set for your own kitchen. Product Features
  • Mauviel copper cookware is crafted in Francell
  • Unsurpassed bond of 90% copper and 10% 1810 stainless-steel for lasting durabilityll
  • Copper cookware set is PFOA- and PTFE-freell
  • High-performance copper heats more evenly and much faster than other metalsll
  • The 1.5 mm thick copper offers superior heat conductivity and precise cooking controlll
  • Nonreactive 1810 stainless-steel interior preserves food flavor and nutrientsll
  • Mauviel copper cookware needs only low to moderate heat, which helps enhance food flavorll
  • Cast stainless-steel handles are a sturdy 2.5 mm thick and protected with a food-safe clear coatingll
  • Snug-fit copper lids with a stainless-steel interior securely seal in nutrients and moisturell
  • Clear-coated cast stainless-steel lid handles provides a comfortable, safe gripll
  • Secure stainless-steel rivets applied with more than 10 tons of pressurell
  • Use with nonmetal utensils to better protect the cooking surfacell
  • Suited for gas, electric, ceramic, glass and halogen cooktopsll
  • Oven-safe to 500 F and broiler-safell
  • Durable M'heritage M'150s cookware is freezer-safell
  • M'heritage copper cookware is easy to clean with no re-tinning requiredll
  • Hand washll
  • Lifetime warranty