Pria 70 Air Convertible Car Seat with TinyFit

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The Pria 70 really gives you more bang for your buck, since its convertible design covers both the infant and toddler stages, which means one less car seat to buy! But what really sets the Maxi-Cosi apart is that it's the only convertible car seat that reclines to four different positions while your child is sitting in it. Plus, it has revolutionary side impact technology that immediately reduces side impact forces through the precise release of air (yes, really), and a TinyFit System that guarantees a better fit for tinier babies. It also boasts one-hand harness height adjustment, a one-click latch system, and a rear-facing adjustment feature that makes it easier (and faster!) to switch the car seat’s position. Material: PP 83%, nylon 3%, ABS 1%, PE 1% pad 10% (80% polyester fiber, 20% polyurethane foam) Dimensions: 29” H x 22” W x 23” D