Premium Zester/Grater

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Inspired by woodworking rasps, the patented, razor-sharp teeth for ultra-fine grating of cheese, coconut, nutmeg, nuts or chocolate. Patented razor-sharp teeth grate in both directions to finely grate hard cheese, whole nutmeg, ginger, chocolate or coconut in half the time. These Microplane Premium Graters expertly zest the rind of citrus into fine lacy wisps, leaving the bitter pith behind. Surgical stainless-steel blade and soft Santoprene handle for a safe, nonslip comfortable grip. Integral hanging loop. Dishwasher-safe. 188 blade is made in the USA. Microplane Premium graterzester for ultra-fine shavings of citrus zest for beverages or recipes. Ideal to create fine lacy wisps of hard cheese such as Parmesan Reggiano or Romano. Microplane Premium medium-ribbon grater for grating hard cheese, apples, onions or nuts. Named for the shape of the dual-edge teeth, this grater creates thin strips grating in two directions. Produce decorative chocolate shavings onto desserts or beverages. Microplane Premium extra-coarse grater to create the chunkier slivers for Mexican or Italian dishes or salads. Also ideal for grating butter, soft cheese or potato for casserole toppings.
  • Razor-sharp blades grate hard cheese, spices or garlic
  • Blades are made of 440A Rockwell hardness stainless-steel for long-lasting sharpness and durability
  • Nonclogging etched teeth zest and release ultra-fine shavings, leaving the bitter pith behind
  • Integral hanging loop
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle for a comfortable grip
  • Microplane's precise razor-like edges are formed with a revolutionary process called photo-etching, creating edges that grate finely on contact, without the uneven tugging and shredding of inferior graters