Stainless-Steel Jar Opener

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Vise-grip jar opener removes stuck-on lids and vacuum-lids with ease. Three tiers with serrated teeth grab and twist open the most stubborn lids. Vacuum-sealed lids glide open easily using this vise-style jar opener. Even sticky pickle jar, tomato sauce and syrupy fruit lids open effortlessly. Fits up to 4" Dia. lids. Features built-in bottle opener and end hook for hang-up storage. Stainless-steel is dishwasher-safe. 10 12"L x 3 12"W.
  • Stainless-steel with grab-hold "teeth" latch onto jar lids
  • Three tiers accommodate different size lids up to 4" Dia.
  • Ideal for vacuum-sealed lids, sticky sauce lids and fruit jars