Ornamental Things Little Bit of Luck Necklace

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A smart, independent girl like you doesn’t need much luck to get by in life, but a touch good fortune never hurt anyone! Clasp this horseshoe pendant necklace from& Ornamental Things inside the placket a paisley shirtdress, and challenge your pals to a game pool! An Austin-based brand,& Ornamental Things uses materials acquired during designer Natalie Tischler's travels in order to create sweet and sentimental trinkets. As you stand in your stack-heeled brown boots, you close your eyes and call the eight-ball to the corner pocket. Whether or not you sink it, this brassy necklace gives a lucky little edge to this and all your favorite looks!
  • Metal.
  • Chain measures 17 inches in length. Decoration measures approximately 1 x 1 inch.
  • Made in the United States