Mrs. Meyer's
Clean Day® Basil Dish Soap

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Size 225" dia. x 8.75"H
Garden ingredients including basil, parsley, soap bark extract and eucalyptus create a gourmet scent profile in a rich, thick dish soap that rinses clean. The starring ingredient, basil, is known to calm the nerves and awaken the senses. Concentrated, biodegradable soap cleans dishes and cuts grease with just a squirt or two of eco-friendly ingredients. Mrs. Meyer's was founded by an Iowa homemaker who envisioned cleaning solutions that would work efficiently and smell great without the harsh chemicals found in most commercial products. All of her products are plant-based, earth-friendly and cruelty-free. Part of the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® Basil Soaps Collection Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® Basil Dish Soap. 2.25" dia. x 8.75"H
  • Deionized water, plant derived surfactants, ethanol, soap bark extract, essential oils of basil, parsley, black pepper, eucalyptus globus leaf, cedar wood, aloe vera, caramel color and annatto
  • Biodegradable and cruelty-free
  • Made in USA