Car Bottle Warmer

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Munchkin Car Bottle Warmer The Munchkin Car Bottle Warmer helps you take care of your kids' hunger anywhere, any time. It plugs into the adapter outlet of cars to warm babies' milk or food. It's designed to fit all regular and wide mouth feeding bottles and food jars. The circular heating band wraps around bottles or jars and warms food evenly and instantly. It automatically switches off when the bottle is removed. Why You'll Love It: This sleek bottle warmer fits into the adapter of most cars and makes traveling with babies more easy and convenient. Features
  • Ideal for all regular or wide mouthed feeding bottles and jars
  • Plugs into adapter outlet of cars
  • Heating band wraps around bottles and jars and heats food evenly
  • Automatically switches off when bottle is removed
  • Loop for hanging
  • Ideal for traveling