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Winter Clean Deo Stick (Unscented) by 2.5oz Deo Stick)

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Size 2.5oz deo stick
Product Description: Created from advanced research from Europe, Nature's Gate deodorants contain a blend of Oak Gall & Witch Hazel extracts, which are effective in controlling odor-causing bacteria. Combined with other odor preventing botanicals, such as Myrrh & Sage, their exclusive formula gives you safe, gentle protection and that shower fresh feeling throughout the day. Contains no aluminum. Product Details: Ingredients: PROPYLENE GLYCOL, WATER, GLYCERIN, SODIUM STEARATE, HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA WATER, HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA BARK/LEAF/TWIG EXTRACT, QUERCUS INFECTORIA GALL EXTRACT, GLYCINE, ARGININE, LEUCINE, EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS LEAF EXTRACT, SALVIA OFFICINALIS LEAF EXTRACT, COMMIPHORA MYRRHA RESIN EXTRACT, BUTYLENE GLYCOL. UPC: 078347555606 MPN: 783451