La Prairie
Cellular Power Play Kit

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Turn back the clock with this special value set featuring two of La Prairie's most powerful breakthroughs. The full size Cellular Power Charge Night contains time-released retinol, the most effective anti-ager, with a boost of oxygen to balance and resurface your skin each night. A full size Cellular Power Infusion renews the inherent power deep within cells, revitalizing and protecting skin from stress factors.

And, as your gift, we've included a deluxe travel companion of Cellular Power Charge Night.

The Contents:
  • Full Size Cellular Power Charge Night, 40ml
  • Cellular Power Infusion, 7.8ml
  • Cellular Power Charge Night Deluxe Sample, 5ml
The Benefits:
  • Skins appearance is refined, giving incredible smoothness, radiance and suppleness.
  • Secures cellular energy and oxygen to boost skins metabolism.
  • Accelerates skin tissue removal and recovery for enhanced firmness.
  • Delivers ultimate protection against external stress factors, such as free radicals.
The Application: Evening. After cleansing, pump once or twice to dispense both cream and gel into palm of hand.Mix together and gently apply to face and neck. Use one or two pumps, depending upon how much product you wish to use. Moisturizer may be applied over it, if desired.