Aeroccino 3 Red Milk Frother

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The ideal accompaniment to Nespresso espresso machines and perfect for coffee-drink lovers, this quiet and completely automatic tool froths hot or cold milk to perfection every time.Your favorite espresso drinks will taste richer and creamier, and all it takes is the push of a button.With a design that unites simple-to-use functions with elegant styling, the Aeroccino 3 comes with a whisk for hot milk and milk froth, for use in any number of coffee-drink recipes.The Aero 3 fully froths cold milk in 60 seconds, and hot milk takes just ten seconds longer.FROTH HOT OR COLD MILK TO PERFECTION Your favorite espresso drinks will taste richer and creamier thanks to its easy, one-button operation that froths or steams milk to the ideal temperature.FAST AND QUIET It fully froths cold milk in 60 seconds, and hot milk takes just 10 seconds longer.And unlike traditional milk frothers, which can be noisy and tricky to clean, the Aeroccino Plus is simple to operate and clean, as well as relatively quiet to operate.To make iced cappuccinos or iced lattes, froth your milk cold.If you like traditional, hot espresso drinks, the Aeroccino Plus will froth and heat your milk to the ideal temperature and consistency.BENEFITS:
  • Manufacturer: Nestlé Nespresso
  • Style #: 3594-US-BK
  • Froths hot or cold milk; heats milk up to 160–170 degrees F.
  • Heats milk in just over two minutes
  • Whisk for frothing and heating
  • Waterproof, with a removable lid seal, frother cleans up easily
  • Capacity: Maximum hot milk froth capacity: 4.4 oz.; maximum hot milk capacity: 81⁄2 oz.
  • Dimensions: 4.1" diam.; 6.7" height
  • Developed in Switzerland, made in China