Skin Professional Acne Clearance System

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Have you ever been ready to go somewhere, looked in the mirror and...there it is, the pimple . Don't worry, now you have no!no! Skin, your go anywhere, anytime pimple stopper. no!no! Skin is the first and only device of its kind to adapt professional acne clearing technology for home use. FDA cleared and dermatologists recommended, no!no! Skin tailors professionally proven LHE (Light & Heat Energy) technology for fast, simple treatments and quick results. no!no! Skin is the ultimate tool to keep pimples under control. In a recent clinical study, no!no! Skin healed pimples twice as fast as untreated ones, and participants achieved up to 81% clearance in one day —without pain, medications, or lotions. Use no!no! Skin for: The no!no! Skin Difference: Technology: no!no! Skin is based on LHE technology, used in Radiancy systems by skin care specialists throughout the world. no!no! Skin combines the healing powers of light and heat to accelerate the healing process of mild to moderate acne. Green light, red light, and heat reach deep into the pore, starting a healing process that stops acne at its source. In addition, light produces anti-inflammatory results and reduces swelling while heat intensifies the chemical process and gently opens the pore to release the clog and soothe inflammation. Package Includes: 1 no!no! Skin with cover, 1 power supply, and instructions
  • 81% clearance in less than 24 hours
  • Pain-free and fast treatments
  • At-home & on-the-go convenience The no!no! Skin Difference:
  • FDA Cleared
  • No creams or medications
  • No replacement parts Technology: no!no! Skin is