Bundt Duet Cake Pan, 84024

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Easy-clean nonstick Bundt cakelette pan creates a set of scrumptious cakes, breads and molded desserts. Nordic Ware blends both bakeware artistry and superior performance in the Nordic Ware Bundt Duet Cake Pan. With one impressive pan, you can bake once and enjoy two mini classic Bundt cakes to serve or give away. In commercial-quality Pro Cast aluminum, the Nordic Ware mini-Bundt cake pan offers a premium nonstick interior for easy release, so your deliciously moist pistachio cake and cranberry orange bread won't cling or fall apart. Even molded gelatins and frozen desserts effortlessly separate from the Nordic Ware Bundt cake pan. A heat-reflective exterior ensures foods fully and evenly bake with golden brown perfection. The Nordic Ware mini-Bundt cake pan is the perfect size for smaller dinners and quaint teas and brunches. Nordic Ware is maker of the original Bundt pan and a leader in baking, gelling or freezing recipes in the iconic cake pans. The Bundt cakelette pan holds 5 cups of batter and is oven-safe to 450 F. Quick hand wash cleanup. Made in the USA.
  • Heavy-cast aluminum Nordic Ware mini-Bundt cake pan ensures even heating
  • Durable, nonstick finish provides instant food release and easy cleanup
  • Premium nonstick cooking surface requires little or no oils or fats
  • Sculpted nonstick Bundt cakelette pan ensures uniform browning
  • Crisp design details form beautifully precise cakes, specialty breads and molded desserts
  • Ideal for cooking vegetable frittata, spaghetti Florentine and countless main dish entrees
  • Convenient rim for easy lifting
  • Holds 5 cups of batter
  • Use with nylon, coated or wooden utensils to better protect the bakeware surface
  • Oven-safe to 450 F; not safe for broiler use
  • Hand wash
  • Lifetime limited warranty