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Supergate V

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North States Industries Supergate V North States Industries Supergate V is an extra-wide gate that's ideal for keeping both kids and pets safe. It's easy to maintain and ideal for placing at the top of stairs, bottom of stairs or in-between rooms. It is made of durable, nontoxic material. Why You'll Love It: It's a handy and convenient gate to keep pets and children securely playing in an enclosed area. Features
  • Fits openings of 22" to 62" and 31" high
  • Securely guards kids and pets
  • Made of durable nontoxic material
  • Easily removable for quick storage
  • Can be folded and stored when not in use
  • Slides together and swings out of the way without becoming obstacle
  • Extra-wide gate can be single-handedly placed and removed
  • Rounded edges
  • All hardware and brackets provided with the gate for easy installation
  • Designed and made in the USA