Nu Bra Airy in Tan

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Nu Bra Airy NuBra in Tan. - size A (also in B,C,D) Nu Bra Airy NuBra in Tan. - size A (also in B,C,D) 40% silicone adhesive 30% polyester 30% polyurethane foam. Super light weight. Seamless, self adhesive and self-supportive. Washable and reusable. Front closure for cleavage and lift. Allows you flexibility of body movement. Special adhesive is proven to be safe and skin friendly. This product is FINAL SALE. NUBR-WI2. SE228. In 2002, after years of research and development, Bragel revolutionized the conventional bra with the innovative NuBra. This strapless and self-supportive bra has a specially formulated PSA adhesive, which has been clinically tested to be safe and skin-friendly. The unique PSA adhesive, once washed, regenerates its stickiness and offers its wearer more than 100 times of normal, repeated application. NuBra is comfortable, versatile, and user-friendly. NuBra is also highly practical and convenient, as it can be used in a pool or in the shower, while remaining secure. This incredible product essentially eliminates the adhesive tape currently marketed in the lingerie industry.