N.V. Perricone
No Concealer Concealer 0.3 oz (8.9 ml)

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Size 8.9 ml
Highlight deep shadows and instantly brighten to frame and awaken the eyes. Scientifically formulated with Vitamin C Ester. No Concealer Concealer is a versatile, multi-tasking eye concealer, eye primer, highlighter and blemish coverage in one. Crease-proof and hydrating, this unique formula is does not settle into imperfections, aging one's appearance, but rather smooth the contours of the eyes while fading away dark circles and correcting skin undertones. Benefits: Instantly brighten to frame and awaken the eyes. Help boost collagen production and gradually fade away dark circles while protecting with a broad spectrum, mineral SPF 35. Multi-tasking and versatile for usage as concealer, eye primer, blemish coverage and highlighter.