N.V. Perricone
Vitamin C Ester Serum

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Vitamin C Ester Serum by Perricone MD is formulated to deliver the brightness, luminosity and clarity of youthful looking skin. It features Vitamin C Ester, a highly differentiated fat-soluble form of Vitamin C for brightness and smoothness, Tocotrienols, a premium form of Vitamin E responsible for soothing and conditioning the skin, Ferulic Acid a phytochemical with potent antioxidant and brightening benefits and Beta-Glucan & Sodium Hyaluronate to help repair and hydrate. A multi-tasking serum designed for face, eyes and lips, proven to instantly boost skin's radiance. Instantly imparts an even luminous glow and a brighter complexion. Minimizes fine lines, smoothes crows feet and brightens dark circles.< Tackles vertical lines and makes lips appear more defined while keeping lipstick from feathering. Benefits are visible within 7 days and cumulative over time. Consumer-Use Studies: 91% said their skin appeared less dull and weathered after 4 weeks. 82% agreed their skin appeared brighter and more radiant; improved clarity. 89% saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after 4 weeks. 91% agreed their skin had an even, luminous glow after 4 weeks. 80% saw a visible reduction in vertical lip lines, under eye circles and crow's feet.